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It's never been easier to monitor your home while you are away. There are plenty of reasons why people are choosing this option:
  keep tabs on a nanny or housekeeper
  check in our your kids while you are at work
  watch a newly delivered litter of puppies
1 Safety 2 Security 3 Peace of Mind

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About The Product: Easy Home Surveillance teaches customers how to setup a camera in their house that they can monitor remotely from their cellphone or any computer. Possible uses include: prevent theft, watch employees or housekeepers, catch cheating spouses, monitor a nanny or caregiver. While traditional home surveillance systems cost hundreds of dollars, we show customers how to achieve the same results for free.

Why Promote This Product: Easy Home Surveillance is an ideal product for anyone concerned about what is going on in their house while they are away. It details several different methods and discusses what is involved for each one. This has proven to be a great product to target to working women who want to check in on their kids, or see what their husband is up to while they are away.

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