Welcome to Easy Home Surveillance

It's never been easier to monitor your home while you are away. There are plenty of reasons why people are choosing this option:
  keep tabs on a nanny or housekeeper
  check in our your kids while you are at work
  watch a newly delivered litter of puppies
1 Safety 2 Security 3 Peace of Mind


Note: Before you contact us, make sure you've actually read our frequently asked questions page as this may answer your question very quickly without effort of writing.

requent question #1: What if I don't have a credit card to order?

Without a credit card, you can sign up with www.paypal.com to make an account that connects securely with your bank account. This works for almost all countries in the world. It is 100% secure. Then you can purchase the system through the Paypal option.

Frequent question #2: I just ordered, how come I didn't need to put in my mailing address?

Note that the system is delivered through 100% online access. If you ordered, a unique username and password should have been emailed to you with a receipt. We do this now to ensure you get unlimited lifetime updates (free for customers) for future cure updates and invaluableĀ  digestive health tips. Remember, you will be discreetly charged one-time by "CLKBANK" on your bill statement. All 100% confidential - your privacy is #1.

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